Audit: ATF bureau invested $600,000 on drones it never travelled

Audit: ATF bureau invested $600,000 on drones it never travelled

The report covers the time from 2009 to 2012, while some of this incidents happened a long time before that.

The DEA “sex parties” in Colombia, though, are the most harmful allegations.

“The international officer allegedly arranged ‘sex parties’ with prostitutes funded by the regional medication cartels of these DEA agents at their government-leased quarters, over a length of a long period, ” the IG report states.

The events apparently happened from 2005 to 2008, nevertheless the DEA’s workplace of pro Responsibility became alert to them just this year, after it received an anonymous issue. DEA supervisors, nevertheless, have been conscious of the allegations for quite some time due to complaints from handling of the building when the DEA workplace in Bogota ended up being positioned.

“Although a few of the DEA agents taking part in these events denied it, the information and knowledge in the event file proposed they need to have understood the prostitutes in attendance had been compensated with cartel funds. A international officer additionally alleged supplying security for the DEA agents’ tools and home through the parties, ” the report stated. “The international officers further alleged that as well as soliciting prostitutes, three DEA SSAs special agents in specific were provided cash, costly gift ideas, and tools from medication cartel people. ”

The IG’s workplace asserts that DEA officials didn’t completely conform to their demands for information throughout the probe.

“We had been also worried by an obvious choice by DEA to withhold details about a specific available misconduct situation, ” the report states. “The OIG Office of Inspector General had not been provided use of this case register information until many months after our demand, and just after the misconduct instance had been closed. If we became alert to the data, we interviewed DEA workers whom stated they had been provided the impression they are not to go over this instance utilizing the OIG although the instance stayed available. ”

The report adds: “Therefore, we can’t be totally confident that the FBI and DEA offered us with all given information strongly related this review. As being result, our report reflects the findings and conclusions we reached in line with the information distributed around us. ”

Spokespersons for DEA and ATF stated the agencies wouldn’t normally touch upon the report and referred all relevant concerns towards the Justice Department.

“The Department has already been using the services of what the law states enforcement elements to ensure a zero threshold policy on intimate harassment and misconduct is enforced and therefore incidents are correctly reported. The Department can also be dedicated to ensuring the appropriate conservation and disclosure of electronic communications, including texts and images, ” stated Patrick Rodenbush, a representative for the Department of Justice.

Other allegations outlined into the report consist of:

* A deputy U.S. Marshal “entered into an enchanting relationship” with a fugitive’s spouse and wouldn’t normally break from the relationship for over per year, even with being told by supervisors to finish it;

* An ATF “Director of Industry Operations” had “solicited consensual intercourse with anonymous lovers and modified a accommodation home to facilitate intimate play. ” The ATF employee also disabled a hotel’s fire detection system, so when caught by the resort, said it had been done by him prior to;

* “For over 36 months, an ATF Program Manager neglected to report allegations that two training trainers had been having sex that is consensual their students. In accordance with the event report, the Program Manager discovered the instructors that are same involved with significantly the exact same tasks three years previously but had merely counseled working out teachers without reporting the alleged tasks” into the Internal Affairs Division.